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At Stagsden Christmas Trees we understand that Christmas is more than just trees and presents, it is about bringing family together; which is why for us it made sense to get our whole family involved (three generations of it!). Founded by Ian & Liz Craig, our adult children still come home every year to help out, whilst Grandma makes the lunches for the staff and we're still trying to convince Grandad that he can't carry as many trees as he used to. We are also incredibly fortunate to have a loyal seasonal workforce who make sure everything runs smoothly.

The holiday season is a wonderful thing to look forward to, but for us Christmas never stops. The trees need looking after and we travel to find the best decorations to hang on them. Add in designing the shop (we like to mix our designers' lines together for a more homely feel) and finding those extra little bits to dress your home with - or give to a loved one - and you'll understand why unlike some Christmas shops we only open for 2 months each year.

Finally, after over 30 years of trading we are exceptionally lucky to still see some of the same customers who visited us our very first year. We have become part of other people's Christmas traditions and as their families grow we get to see the next generation develop their own; and that makes all our hard work completely worthwhile. Merry Christmas!

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